Tuesday, February 1

Against the excesses of "reform"

I've rarely been hesitant to answer a question frankly, but I generally don't preach to people about this or that. I seem to be making a habit of it lately, however...

Below is my response to someone who sought some advice in their struggle to defend the Faith against the excesses of "reform".


The first thing to do is to forgive them. As Christ said to Peter when asked how often he should forgive those who offend him, our Lord advised "seventy times seven times". (Matthew 18:22 @ http://www.drbo.org/)

Their insults and ignorance of what's happened to the Church over the years may even require you to exceed that number, but so be it.

If you have the opportunity to attend a traditional Mass, do so as frequently as you can. If you're not able to attend regularly, go whenever you are able. Regardless of the frequency with which you are able to attend Mass, read your Missal. Daily if possible. If you don't have a Missal, make the sacrifice to find one. Another book that might interest you is, "The Heart of the Mass", published by Sarto House. It can be found online at www.aquinasandmore.com and also the SSPX publishing house, www.angeluspress.org.

Whatever people may say to you, and whatever you may do, have the courage to stand fast by Holy Mother Church and the Mass of our fathers!

Around the world, people you have never met are praying for you and for all those who love His Church. Join your voice with theirs! It will certainly be difficult to do so at times, and you may stumble, but you must never give up.

Lastly, do not judge those who speak ill of you.

Work to build yourself up spiritually by prayer and charity. Realize the people who may speak disrespectfully to you have been denied their birthright, too.

Lead them by example, let them see you not only speaking the Truth, but acting upon it. This will change the hearts of the sincere who have been misled or poorly catechized. At that point, the sheep will follow the Shepherd.


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