Friday, October 31


Saw this referenced on Father Z's tonight. This type of thing is the trickle down effect of the great example set by our current Holy Father. It stands in direct contrast to the dreamy, pseudo-utopian musings of so called Catholics, unfortunately including many of the ordained, whose putrefied logic defies explanation and tradition.

"It might be a perception that my boldness regarding pro-abortion politicians is courageous but in truth I only follow the lead of those who exemplify a boldness far greater than my own. The bold speaking out on the part of Archbishop Raymond Burke regarding the contentious issue of Catholic pro-abortion politicians and Holy communion emboldens cowards like me to follow his example. The firm and measured response of Cardinal Egan and a variety of other Archbishops and Bishops to misleading statements of the Speaker of the House emboldens others, like myself, to shake off the shackles of fear and to stand with them." (source)


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