Saturday, November 3

The Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana & Una Voce

While cold weather may be about to hit central Indiana, the blogging world is certainly warm, if not hot, with regard to to something posted over at Father Z's about our fair diocese...

A simple report about a news story -- redacted by the editorial staff at The Catholic Moment -- has brought some passionate replies.

Based on some of the comments, both pro and con the usus antiquor, in that post, not to mention the response some lay folk have received from parish priests when requesting the Latin Mass in this diocese over the years, methinks it may be time to up the ante in our quest for a more widespread use of the extraordinary form of the Roman rite.

Should we write more letters? Make more phone calls? Join a parish and just hope for the best? It hasn't worked so far, so it's hard to believe we don't need a change of tack to be successful.

One way to gain instant "muscle", so to speak, would be to found a local chapter of Una Voce.

Not only would this help to better organize some of the excellent individual efforts being made across the diocese, but also let us lay persons in the diocese avail themselves of the reputation and resources of the oldest lay movement dedicated to the Church's liturgical heritage.

So, all you traddies out there north of Indy, south of San Pierre and east of Otterbein...quo vadis?

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At 12:44 PM, Blogger UnaVoceLafayetteIndiana said...

And so it begins.


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