Friday, October 23

Pretty please, with sugar on top?

"What is to prevent other denominations from following Rome’s lead? For example, what if the Anglican Communion set up a Catholic wing where those Roman Catholics who believe in the ordination of women and same-sex loving clergy could be Anglicans of the Roman Catholic Rite?" (source)

Nothing is preventing them, really and hopefully some will. The more non-Catholic Catholics that leave the Catholic Church, the better. As I like to say, at least Luther had the courtesy to leave the Church...these people are a little too self-centered for that, regrettably.

Here's where people -- at least people who write articles like this -- are missing the point. This is not a move to increase attendance or fill the coffers. By assuming so, they are projecting their own beliefs about what a church should be onto this decision.

Sadly, many of the mouth breathers out there writing this kind of drivel, do not understand that a church, a real church, is basically a like-minded group of people who believe the same thing about God, not simply a group of people who have banded together for a purely political, earthly cause or because they want a place to drop off their kids for "date night" that doesn't have "too many rules".

That said, if these people believe a common thing about God, they should seek each other out, rather than trying to change an existent institution. God bless them, every one.


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