Tuesday, March 23

ABL: Anything but Latin

With regard to Mr. Kavanaugh's commentary on the Latin Mass at

If Mr. Kavanaugh doesn't like Latin Mass, he shouldn't attend it.
There are plenty of contemporary-style masses to attend in Mesa
should he prefer the Pauline Missal.

Political leaders -- especially Democrats -- are constantly reminding
us about the need to separate church and state, yet this joker's
gotta beat the drum in a public forum about people who simply want
solemnity and reverence in their worship, as was present for hundreds
of years before the hootenannies began.

Would Mr. Kavanaugh make such a statement about Moslems who would
prefer to use Arabic in their prayers or Orthodox Jews who prefer to
use Hebrew rather than English?

I'll pray that the good Vice-mayor can find it in his Christian heart
to respect others' right to worship God in a way they see fit.

Friday, March 12

I'm a soul man

As Elwood Blues once said, "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."