Monday, April 16

Hey Joe, try walking with the Son, rather than on the sun!

"...if the Tridentine rite is offered, it is a different rite, and you have to go back to the old forms of spirituality that went with it. He also said you have to go back to the old forms of sacraments, fasting and other aspects." — Bishop Joseph Adamec, Altoona-Johnstown, PA (source)

Well, I'm not sure if it would mean going "back to" old forms of spirituality as much as reintroducing spirituality, period.

I'm sure his Excellency (sic) would prefer the crypto-charismatic "spirituality" that appears in most Catholic parishes today over the apostolic faith of our fathers. If the TLM is ever freed and spreads, I can hear him mumbling the SmashMouth lyrics for Walking on the Sun: "

"And they folked out with guitars around a bon fire
Just singin' and clappin' man what the hell happened?