Friday, October 31


Saw this referenced on Father Z's tonight. This type of thing is the trickle down effect of the great example set by our current Holy Father. It stands in direct contrast to the dreamy, pseudo-utopian musings of so called Catholics, unfortunately including many of the ordained, whose putrefied logic defies explanation and tradition.

"It might be a perception that my boldness regarding pro-abortion politicians is courageous but in truth I only follow the lead of those who exemplify a boldness far greater than my own. The bold speaking out on the part of Archbishop Raymond Burke regarding the contentious issue of Catholic pro-abortion politicians and Holy communion emboldens cowards like me to follow his example. The firm and measured response of Cardinal Egan and a variety of other Archbishops and Bishops to misleading statements of the Speaker of the House emboldens others, like myself, to shake off the shackles of fear and to stand with them." (source)

Friday, October 24

More Idiots

Hey, I may be going to purgatory, but at least I'll be able to save these idiots a seat:

Note, I don't think they're idiots for voting for's a free country, vote for the candidate you want to win the election.

Rather, I believe they are idiots for lingering. The immaturity and lack of sense people like this demonstrate by remaining within a Church that is historically and fundamentally something they don't appear to agree with is mystifying.

Please go and take your rotten, wishy-washy, Peaches & Herb music with you. I don't need a synthesiser solo during the elevation. And you know who you are, you dopes!

Thursday, October 23

Not in my House

"And when he had made, as it were, a scourge of little cords, he drove them all out of the temple, the sheep also and the oxen, and the money of the changers he poured out, and the tables he overthrew." (John 2:15)

Now, let's fast forward approximately two thousand years:

"No USCCB document is relevant in this diocese. The USCCB doesn't speak for me." These are the words attributed to Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton. Can it be?

After decades of attempting to substitute its voice for the canonically lawful authority of a bishop in his own diocese, after decades of play-acting as the de jure representative of the Church Militant, after decades of mouthing watered down modernist claptrap and presenting it as the voice of the American church (as if some such entity existed!), after decades of failing to speak with the conviction and confidence of the Church founded by Christ on Calvary, can it be that an American bishop finally has the sand to publicly call "Bullshit"? (my words, not his...)

Let's hope so, especially at this time in our country's history.

It about time that a bishop stood up and stated what was obvious for generations and a diocese, a bishop is only subordinate to his ordinary: the Bishop of Rome. No one speaks on behalf of the Roman Church in a diocese except for a bishop or his appointed representative.

Translation for the emotionally impaired: No collection of accountants, claims adjusters, musically untalented choir directors, poorly formed musicians, pseudo liturgists, hand-holding-and-ring-forming-group pray-ers, none ignorant and/or contemptuous of Holy Mother Church and it's traditions, no let's-just-all-get-along-we're-really-not-so-different-none-of-this-is-real-anyway-it's-just-a-"custom"-forced-on-us-by-dead-European-men-so-why-bother? heretics speak for Her.

Imperfect as Her children and representatives may have been, are or will be, She is the spotless Bride of Christ. Those members who consider Her to be otherwise, who see Her as no more than a social club, a place to "belong" or an agent for "social justice", are rejecting -- willfully or through their own ignorance -- the salvific nature granted to Her by Christ Jesus.

At least Luther had the courtesy to not let the door hit him on the way out. Let's hope these squatters wake up and move on.

Lastly, if they don't have the courtesy to do so, may our bishops have the grace to do their best Aretha Franklin impersonation to get the word to the street.

p.s. Ihr Seid Nicht Kirche...

Sunday, October 12

Our birthright

"For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice: and the knowledge of God more than holocausts. But they, like Adam, have transgressed the covenant, there have they dealt treacherously against me. Galaad is a city of workers of idols, supplanted with blood. And like the jaws of highway robbers, they conspire with the priests who murder in the way those that pass out Sichem: for they have wrought wickedness. I have seen a horrible thing in the house of Israel: the fornications of Ephraim there: Israel is defiled." (Prophecy Of Osee 6:6-10)