Thursday, March 31

World Youth Day 2005

Simply reading that sentence sends chills up the spines of the majority of "Traditional" Roman Catholics. To their chagrin, I am not among them.

I'm compelled to break ranks with the majority of them.

From what I've seen of the world youth days of the past, I agree that they smack of heresy -- at best -- in many respects.

That said, what better place to evangelize for Christ and Tradition?

Of course, this is easily said, because my oldest child is not quite seven years old and won't be attending. But, with a chaperone, our attendance can be an opportunity to positively effect the outcome -- not only of this event, but the individual lives of its participants, the majority of whom are likely to be at least well-meaning, ROMAN CATHOLIC children. Who needs our guidance and prayers more than these?

By receiving the sacrament of Confirmation we all became "Soldiers of Christ" -- members of the Church Militant -- and can not be afraid to enter into combat for souls, even under the most unpleasant of circumstances.

If we reject opportunities such as this to act for our Faith and Tradition, we risk becoming a ceremonial guard rather than a fighting force capable of the moral combat necessary for this day and age -- one more concerned about sullying our uniforms or possibly taking "casualties" than actually taking the message of our Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Mother Church to the lost and almost-lost souls who reject or who have been DENIED their birthright -- the complete deposit of the Roman Catholic Faith.